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Have you ever wanted to own and read ALL Zagor comics? And we do mean ALL. This collection includes 880 of scanned Zagor comics and is the largest Zagor collection for sale on the net.

Completed series of Zlatna Serija and Lunov Magnus Strip!!! Ciko and Zagor Specialci are included too. Plus newer editions: Slobodna Dalmacija, Ludens and Ludens Extra. Scroll to the bottom of the page for detailed list.

All comic are scanned and can be read on any Windows, MAC's, iPhone and iPads. All comics come in CDR format except Lunov Magnus Strip which comes in regular JPG format so it can be read on any Windows PC or a MAC without any special software. CDR format is the most efficient comic book reading format. We will include CDR Player (very small and easy to install) with shipment so you can read it on any windows pc. There tons of comic readers for MAC's , iPads and iPhones out there. You can pretty much use any that supports CRD files.

This collection will deffinitly keep you busy for a while. Call it a nostalgy or whatever you like, but there is something very special about reading all of these Zagor and Ciko's adventures once again. No matter what your age is. It simply never gets old. And the best part is, once you get them, you can read them over and over again and take them with you everywhere you go.


See below for list of all comics included in the package.

All Zagor Series Quantities
Zlatna Serija 304 comics - Completed Series
Lunov Magnu Strip 42 comics - Completed Series
Abanton 6 comics - Completed Series
Vannini 7 comics - Completed Series
Ludens 120 comics - Completed Series
Slobodna Dalmacija Extra 77 comics - Completed Series
Slobodna Dalmacija 71 comics - Completed Series
Horus - Zagor Predstavlja 2 comics - Completed Series
Zagor Specijalni Brojevi 11 comics- Completed Series
Zagor Vanredni Broj 4 comics - Completed Series
Horus 4 comics
Ciko Speciajlni Brojevi 19 comics
Ludens - Ciko Specijal 18 comics
Ludens Almanah 5 comics
Ludens Extra 98 comics
Ludens Maxi 12 comics
Ludens Speciajal 35 comics
Nobjavljeno u Zlatnoj Seriji 26 comics
Zagor razno 11 comics
Zagor za Kolekcionare 10 comics